Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Dnote?

A. Dnote is a mobile payment and loyalty system that is smart, simple and secure to use. Dnote enables businesses to accept payments from customers on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Q. Can customers pay with Dnote without linking a card?

A. No, a customer must link either a debit or credit card to Dnote in order to pay using Dnote.

Q. Where do I sign into Dnote for a business owner?

A. Please sign in at: Please remember to bookmark this page for future use.

Q. What happens if my customer forgets his/her password?

A. To reset a password go to:, then click on "Forgot your password" enter in your mobile number and click "Reset Password". You’ll receive a text with a link, click the link and follow the directions to reset your password.

Q. What happens if a customer forgets his/her PIN?

A. To reset your PIN go to, log in, then click on the hamburger/menu (three lines) in the upper right corner. Click "Settings", then click "My Profile" scroll down and click on "Reset my PIN". You are required to re-enter your password to reset your PIN – which is extra security for you.

Q. How do I know when an in-person transaction is approved?

A. Once your customer (in-person) has entered his/her PIN to approve the transaction, an "Approval" page will display after the "Submit" button is click. If the transaction is "Declined", a page will diplay with a "Declined" message.

Q. How do I know when a remote transaction is approved?

A. Upon clicking the mobile phone icon on the lower left side of the screen during the transaction process, a text will be sent to your customer. The business will show the transaction under the customer name in "Yellow" and it will display "Pending" on the transaction. Once your customer has approved the transaction, the transaction under the customer name will appear “Green” and it will display "Approved" on the transaction.

Q. What happens if a transaction is declined?

A. Upon clicking "Submit" on the transaction approval/customer PIN approval page, a "Transaction Declined" message will appear. You can try accepting a lower amount on Dnote and the remainder in cash, or all cash.

Q. Where can my customers view his/her account and transaction history on Dnote?

A. Your customers can logon to Dnote at, by entering his/her mobile number and password.

Q. How will the transaction appear on my customer’s credit card statement?

A. The transaction will appear from: Dnote-"your business name". Please remind your customers that Dnote will be the main business that appears on all transactions.

Q. Do I need a merchant bank account to use Dnote for my business?

A. No. Dnote will work with a personal or merchant bank account.

Q. Why does my customer receive a text message after every approved transaction?

A. Dnote requires a PIN approval and sends a text notification for every transaction. Our system has this built-in protection for your customers and your business, which keeps everyone informed and minimizes chargebacks.

Q. What happens if my business receives a chargeback?

A. Dnote will first refer the customer to your business to try to resolve the issue. If no resolution is reached, Dnote will discuss with the business to resolve the issue quickly.

Q. Can my customers that don’t have a smart phone use Dnote?

A. Currently Dnote will only work with customers that have a smart phone.

Q. What equipment do I need to use Dnote?

A. Dnote will work on any smart phone, tablet or computer; it just needs to be connected to the internet.

Q. Where do I download the Dnote app?

A. Dnote is a web-based app (not a mobile app) thus, there is no app to download. Simply login at:

Q. What kinds of loyalty programs will be available?

A. Dnote plans to support text and email communication with your customers. You will be able to notify customers about new products and/or services available, discounts and special promotions, birthday and anniversary promotions, as well as spending and frequency reward programs.

Dnote Mobile's digital gift cards are better than cash.