The safe and secure alternative to cash

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Use Dnote's re-loadable e-cards to pay from your mobile phone and remove the hassles of cash and coins.


Better than cash

Dnote's digital cash and re-loadable e-cards take the best feature of regular cash - using it immediately - and makes it better.

It's more secure because it can't be lost or misplaced like than regular cash.

It's also easy to use and makes sending e-cards to friends and family as simple as sending a text or email.

Good for families

Dnote's digital cash makes it easy to pay your kid's allowance. You don't have to worry about having the proper amount on hand or wondering what your kid is blowing their allowance on.

Use the Dnote app to give your kids their allowance and control how they use it by choosing the e-cards your kids can use.

Enjoy your privacy

Dnote's digital cash lets you hide purchases from prying eyes. If your husband or wife wants to see where and how much you spent on their birthday gift, they just need to look at your credit card statement.

Dnote keeps these things private because your credit card statement will just show 'Dnote Mobile'. This lets you use one of our e-cards to spend as much (or as little) on that birthday gift.

"he faced hurdles, most notably finding a bank … his business must operate on cash only … and without one, he can't accept credit­ or debit­card transactions."

Wall Street Journal, Feb 2014


Simple and easy

Your store gets its own re-loadable e-card.

Your customer pays by showing the e-card to your sales clerk who scans or enters the card number and sales amount into Dnote's Digital E-card system.

Your customer enters their PIN to approve and complete the sale.

We manage it

Dnote manages the selling and the re-loading of funds on your e-cards.

We track sales made from your customer's e-cards and manage loyalty promotions and rewards.

We deposit funds into your bank account as soon as an e-card is purchased or has been re-loaded.

View balance and sales history for each e-card holder.

Safe and secure

Your customers don't have to worry about getting and walking around with cash.

Reduce cash deposits.

E-cards mean you don't need to worry about lost or stolen plastic cards.

Customers must have a valid email address and mobile number to register on Dnote and purchase an e-card.