Digital gift cards for your business.

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Customers with digital gift cards spend more money

Better than cash

Your customers load funds on your digital gift card using their credit card. They pay using your digital gift card.

Transactions are faster and easier than a credit card because there are no cards to swipe. Your customers only need to enter their secret PIN to approve a transaction.

Customers spend more

Customers with digital gift cards tend to spend more per transaction vs customers with cash. Businesses have seen their average sales amount per transaction increase by 68% within two months!

For example, average sales amount that were $50 using cash have grown to $84 when our digital gift cards are used.

Easier and safer

Dnote enables your business to offer its own, custom digital gift card (no plastic cards to deal with). You don't need a merchant bank account because we handle all the credit card processing. All you need is an internet connected device - mobile phone, tablet or computer. No additional equipment or apps are needed.

You can have customers approve charges via text messages so you don't need to deal with cash for deliveries or pick-ups.

Dnote Mobile's digital gift cards are better than cash.

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